Netherlands waterland

Friesland, a beautiful region with many lakes which are connected by quiet canals, invites the yachtsman. The multitude of navigable waterways gives you a very large area you  can cover. You can even go all the way to Loosdrecht via different routes through beautiful Overijssel, Flevoland and Utrecht. Learn to know the Netherlands again…

The moorings in the small villages on the shores sparkle of life, you will encounter many other sailing enthusiasts with whom you can exchange experiences. The Dutch water sports is a way of life and especially in Friesland, you’ll notice this right. If you arrive, the first person in the neighborhood will spontaneously offer yoiu help …

Discover the beauty of the country into a prolonged
weekend cruise or sail, you’ll be amazed at
opportunities in the Netherlands!

The northwest of the province of Overijssel has two different parts. The extreme north-west adjacent to the Noordoostpolder and is also called the Lake District. In the southern and higher part are the rivers, along which some old trading towns are located. Only recently Overijssel has developed a unique watersports area with excellent infrastructure. Especially the various lakes are popular and unique holiday areas where recreational possibilities are endless.

“The Weerribben” are known as a unique recreational area, belonging to one of the largest wetland landscapes in Europe. Many waterways are running throughout the region. Extremely picturesque is the “Kalenbergergracht”, which meanders between reeds and winds and funny houses. The romantic route between Ossenzijl and Kalenberg is an absolute “must” for water sports enthusiasts.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA